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Woodbridge shop helps make tea “global friendly”

Tea lovers have been dismayed recently to discover that many traditional teabags contain a plastic called polypropylene.
In Britain we make about 165 million cups of tea per day and over 95% of those cups of tea are made with teabags, that’s a lot of microplastics making its way to landfill sites.

Tea drinkers also need to know that ‘Biodegradable’ Teabags are not necessarily plastic free. Many of the ‘Pyramid’ teabags are made from non-biodegradable nylon or a genetically modified plant-based plastic (e.g. Cornstarch) and these teabags are not domestically compostable. Also, don’t be fooled by ‘Organic Teabags’. The outer layer of a teabag counts as packaging, which can contain plastic and still be certified as organic!

So, what’s the alternative you may be thinking! The only option is to ditch the teabag and to use ‘Loose Leaf Tea’. But still be aware that Loose Leaf Tea can be packaged in plastic bags and plastic-coated cardboard.

At Woodbridge Emporium they are determined to do their bit for the planet. They use Kraft Paper Bags lined with old fashioned grease proof paper. The tea will need to be used within three to four weeks or transferred to a suitable airtight container. However, as they sell their teas loose and package them in front of customers, they can offer a ‘Refill’ service. Woodbridge Emporium encourage their customers to bring in their own clean Tea Caddies or suitable sealable tea containers and they will fill them with their chosen loose leaf teas or herbs. They also offer a small discount off the tea price if own containers are used and they have a ‘Loyalty Card’ scheme so customers can save money as well as helping the environment.

At Woodbridge Emporium they stock over 85 Teas, Infusions and Tisanes plus CBD Tea (UK Legal). Ditch that Teabag and pop in to see them. Mention you read this article and you will get a Free Tea sample too!

• You can find Woodbridge Emporium at 66, Thoroughfare, Woodbridge IP12 1AL or visit our website at: www.woodbridgeemporium.co.uk. Telephone 01394 382382.

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