Suffolk Residents Settle the Nation’s Cream Tea Debate

Residents in Suffolk have settled the nation’s long-standing debate on how to enjoy a perfect cream tea and whether jam or cream should be spread onto a scone first.

During Afternoon Tea Week, more than 300 locals participated in Stokes Sauces’ poll on Facebook and Twitter, which revealed that the ‘Suffolk way’ to enjoy a scone is with a dollop of jam before adding cream. This traditional Cornish way is almost three times as popular with residents than the alternative Devon method of cream first followed by jam.

As one of the biggest English traditions, the debate about the ‘correct’ way to enjoy a scone has divided opinions in families and among friends for decades. Stokes Sauces’ poll to find the ‘Suffolk way’ generated much debate online.

One resident simply said: “Jam first, it’s easier to spread the cream on top.”
Another went on to explain how they make their scones extra special: “Cut them in half, jam first, cream on the top. Then slide some fresh strawberries on top of the cream. Lovely. That’s the way we like them. Naughty but nice.”
However, others preferred the traditional Devon method and even cited the Queen’s preferences: “Well it’s cream on the first at Buckingham Palace, so that makes me right.”

Someone else commented: “Always cream! My wife goes with jam first and just looks wrong!”

However, some couldn’t make up their mind: “The Suffolk way should be quite balanced; a large warm scone cut in half, one half with Suffolk cream first and then the Suffolk jam, the other half with the Suffolk jam and then the Suffolk cream… creating perfect balance and #thebestofbothworlds.”
Stokes Sauces founder Rick Sheepshanks commented: “I am happy to enjoy my scones jam first too, of course as long as it is with Stokes Strawberry Extra Jam!”

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