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Autumn at Owl Sanctuary

All too quickly the days are shortening and the misty mornings of autumn will soon be upon us.
After another busy summer season, the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary’s resident birds are winding down their activities in preparation for the winter. The owls and other birds of prey which have worked tirelessly since Easter to entertain and educate crowds of visitors, all take a well earned rest in their spacious, species appropriate aviaries from now until next Easter.
It is important for all the flying team birds to have the opportunity to rest and moult over the next few months, whilst the falcons and hawks are brought back into training for the winter months ahead.
All birds moult in order to replace old or damaged feathers with healthy new plumage. This process can take some time in the wild as it is in part dependent on weather conditions and availability of food sources. In captivity, of course, there is a regular supply of food and weatherproof accommodation, so the sanctuary’s birds enjoy a relatively quick moult.
Visitors can still enjoy all the birds at the sanctuary during the moult – occasionally an owl might be spotted looking somewhat dishevelled but after a few weeks, new, elegant, efficient plumage will be evident as feathers are replaced!
Although there are no flying displays over these months, the falconers still exercise birds on most days (weather permitting) and visitors are welcome to watch these sessions. In addition, the centre will be expanding to incorporate a new phase of development over the autumn months.
The All About Owls centre will feature new spacious aviaries, accommodating British native species of owls and other birds of prey, including an impressive pair of Golden Eagles. This new outdoor area will also be enhanced by an innovative new indoor activity centre offering interactive exhibits on British wildlife, conservation and the environment.
Admission to the new facilities will be included in the sanctuary’s daily ticket, with which visitors are free to come and go all day. In addition, the neighbouring Stonham Barns site provides restaurant facilities, garden centre, golf course and a variety of craft and retail outlets. Parking is free of charge with disabled bays situated immediately in front of the Owl Sanctuary.
For more information telephone 0345 680 7897.

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