Nosy Neighbours

Britain has been transformed into a nation of nosy neighbours after being stuck at home during lockdown.

In a study of 2,000 adults, 41 per cent admitted to keeping a closer eye on their neighbours’ movements since the pandemic struck.

Peeking at those not observing lockdown rules or not clapping for the NHS – and looking out for groups of youngsters hanging around are among the most common behaviours to keep a watchful eye on.

Others have also kept tabs on neighbours who have hosted a barbecue when not permitted, had a nosy at what kind of deliveries they have been getting or if they’ve had workmen in and out of their house.

It also emerged nearly half of respondents considered themselves to be nosy, having always kept a beady eye on street activity.

But 14 per cent admitted to picking up the habit since the start of lockdown.

A spokesman from Swift Direct Blinds, which commissioned the research, said: “Much of the nation has quickly adapted to being at home more than ever in their lifetime.

“It’s only natural at times that residents have looked out of the window to see who is speaking to who – and doing what.

“Unsurprisingly, many seem to like to make it a bit of a covert mission, taking cover behind their blinds and curtains to not be seen snooping by fellow residents.”

1. Who has parked outside the house
2. Why the dog is barking
3. Who is having a row
4. If they’re having visitors in their home
5. Who is playing loud music
6. How many visitors are over
7. Who they’re speaking to
8. Who is having work done on their house
9. The general state of their garden
10. If they’re stood more than two metres from a guest
11. To look at how garden renovations are coming along
12. Eavesdropping on conversations
13. What DIY jobs they’re doing
14. Who’s having a barbecue
15. What plants they’re planting in the garden
16. What the kids are up to
17. How often they cut their lawn
18. What’s on the washing line
19. What colour they’re painting the front door
20. What they’re doing in their living room