Suffolk – Speeding campaign results

Over 2,000 motorists were caught speeding in Suffolk during a recent two-week enforcement campaign.

The initiative – which took place between Monday 25 May and Sunday 7 June – was co-ordinated by the National Police Chiefs’ Council and saw an increased amount of checks and enforcement across the county, whilst promoting the message #SlowDownSaveLives.

Officers spoke with drivers during the campaign, aiming to highlight the dangers of speeding and informing them of the risks and consequences that driving above the limit can have.

During this year’s campaign a total of 2,100 motorists were caught speeding, 1,721 of which were caught by fixed/mobile cameras, while the remainder were caught by police officers on patrol.

Of those caught speeding 1,472 were cars, nine were motorcycles, 595 were vans and 24 were lorries.

Chief Inspector Kris Barnard, Head of the Joint Norfolk and Suffolk Roads & Armed Policing Team, said: “It is encouraging that as we have seen traffic flow steadily increase with the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, a large majority of drivers have stuck to the speed limits.

“We work closely with our partners all-year round to target those that chose to drive too fast as speeding is one of the ‘fatal four’ offences which makes you more likely to be killed or seriously injured in a collision – alongside drink driving, driving whilst using a mobile phone and not wearing a seatbelt.

“Speed limits are in place for a reason – the limit is set at the maximum safe speed to travel on a particular stretch of road. Drivers shouldn’t use these limits as targets; there are always other factors to consider including other road users, levels of traffic and weather conditions. The faster you are travelling, the less time you have to react to the unexpected and stop safely.”

Suffolk’s Police & Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore added: “Over the past couple of months most of us were staying at home in line with Government guidance and this naturally meant there were fewer vehicles on our roads, which had a positive impact on road safety during this critical time.

“As the lockdown eases we need to keep up the good work and continue to drive responsibly. For the the irresponsible individuals who continue to drive at excessive speeds I’d like to warn them that our roads policing team continues to enforce speeding and if you are caught you will be prosecuted.

“Enforcement of the speed limits, which are there to help improve road safety, benefits all road-users. I know I speak on behalf of my Roadsafe partners when I say, please stick to the limits and keep yourself and others safe.”