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Win: a guide to 21 power animals that can help you

For thousands of years, there’s been a deep relationship between humans and the animal kingdom.

Cultures worldwide have relied on the guidance, wisdom and symbolism of power animals – a teacher or messenger that comes to each of us in the form of an animal to offer guidance, protection, power and wisdom. Sadly in today’s high-speed, stressful world most of us have lost this valuable connection, but now you can rekindle it with this insightful new book, Discover Your Power Animal: Learn How to Work With Your Animal Guides by Naz Ahsun from Naz Ahsun.

Discover Your Power Animal opens an amazing and empowering doorway to a world where you can experience your own connection with power animals and access their wisdom and support. In this easy-to-use book, Naz shows you how to open yourself up to these truly amazing animal messengers, plus details the ways you can work with them alongside your chakras to enhance your wellbeing.

The book includes:

  • The four main ways our power animals manifest: a guide animal, messenger animal, journey animal and shadow animal
  • A guide to 21 power animals that you can use to support your day-to-day life
  • Guided meditations on how to find your power animal and using them to meditate with your chakras
  • Further ways to work with your power animals, including dancing, automatic writing and dream invocation
    Power animals include: Ant, Antelope, Bat, Butterfly, Crow, Deer, Dolphin, Eagle, Frog, Gorilla, Hawk, Horse, Panther, Peacock, Salmon, Snake, Spider, Swan, Tiger, Tortoise, Wolf.
    Naz Ahsun is an author, podcaster and radio presenter. After a magical encounter with a robin in 2012, Naz found a new direction guided by her power animals, which led to a string of amazing synchronicities and new possibilities. She lives in Hertfordshire. Find more at www.naseemahsun.com.
    • Discover Your Power Animal: Learn How to Work With Your Animal Guides by Naz Ahsun is available at all good book shops.

Ipswich24 has got two copies of Discover Your Power Animal to give away to lucky readers. To be in with a chance of winning this great prize just send your answer to the following question, along with your name, address and a daytime contact telephone number to: Discover Your Power Animal Competition, Ipswich24, 12A Britannia Road, Ipswich, IP4 4PE or you can enter below (ONE ENTRY PER HOUSEHOLD FOR ONLINE ENTRIES).

The closing date for entries is Monday 1st March 2021.

Q. What bird is author Naz Ahsun have a magical
encounter with in 2012?

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