Musicals, Movies & Moonlight

Trianon Music Group (TMG) have been waiting a long time to get back out and perform for their favourite Ipswich audiences.

On Saturday 8th January join them for a night at the movies and musicals and more with all the glamour that goes with it at the Ipswich Corn Exchange. The concert will feature familiar favourites from the history of Film and Musicals of Handel’s Zadok the Priest, an MGM Musical Medleys and the Hallelujah Chorus along with modern classics from James Bond, and Disney’s Aladdin. We are celebrating the anniversary of Doreen Carwithen’s Suffolk Suite and Ralph Vaughan Williams’s 150th Birthday! There are some classic TV tunes to be found too. including Blue Peter’s Barnacle Bill, Thunder Birds and so much more. 

TMG have been working hard to ensure that the concert and rehearsals are made COVID safe for everyone, and this includes working with the team at the Ipswich Corn Exchange to make this a safe concert for both audience and performers. To this extent they have divided the Group to the Choir and Orchestra to enable all of the group to perform safely.

Tickets can be purchased from and are refundable should the concert have to be postponed.

There is something for everyone at Trianon Music Group’s January concert and they can’t wait for you to join them.