Review: Dumbstruck

Dumbstuck tells the tale of Ted, a research scientist who mans an outreach station monitoring the sound of whales. All alone with only the songs from the deep to keep him company, how did Ted end up such a recluse?

dumbstruck01One day he hears a sound, a whale song, however this whale is singing at a different frequency to any other whale in the vast ocean. This lonely whale becomes Ted’s obsession and as Ted’s health deteriorates he begins to tell the whale his own lifestory, revealing just how he ended up spending his days miles from anywhere all on his own.

Touring theatre company Fine Chisel brings the tale to life with some very clever musical arrangements and the most beautiful harmonies, taking the audience back in time to a cave underground in the 1960s where a pirate radio station is broadcasting, a time where a student, Fiona, captures the heart of a young scientist.

Will Ted ever tell Fiona how he feels? Will Fiona go to Belgium with Ted to study Trout?

Fine Chisel have taken the true story of the 52-hertz whale and added in a good mix of 60s style songs to create a piece of theatre that is truly wonderful.

The sound of the sea is present throughout, in what is an imaginative and creative piece of theatre from a very hardworking young company.

Full of both humour and emotion Dumbstuck is a fabulous production that tells a moving story and takes you on a journey of sound!
Dumbstruck is at the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds on the 30th June and 1st July, the production then moves to Battersea Arts Centre until 19th July.

Tickets are still available for Tuesday 1st July contact the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmund Box Office on 01284 769505 for details

Wendy Cook – Ipswich24