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Famous Ipswich People

Famous people from Ipswich throughout the ages.

THOMAS WOLSEY – (1475-1530)
Probably the town’s most famous resident. His name can be found in street names and buildings both olde and new across the town.Cardinal Wolsey was Henry VIII’s Lord Chancellor he was born in Ipswich, the son of a butcher and went on to become the second most important man in the country.He lived at 47 St Nicholas Street.


A prominent family during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. He was an important Ipswich political figure. He lived at Manor House, St Margaret’s Green.


Although being born in Sudbury, Gainsborough spent much of his formative life in Ipswich (32 Foundation Street). One of the finest collections of his work outside of London can be found in the town’s Christchurch Mansion.


kingWILLIAM KING – (1786-1865)
William King lived at 19 Lower Brook Street. He became a physician and founder of the co-operative democracy.


pritchettVS PRITCHETT – (1900-1997)
Quite possibly the greatest short story writer of all time. He was born in Ipswich and lived at 41 St Nicholas Street. He was knighted in 1975


briancantBRIAN CANT – (1933)
Actor, tv presenter and writer. Mainly working in children’s television. Born in Ipswich.In other acting roles has appeared in Dr Who, The Railway Children and countless pantomimes.