Review: Wuthering Heights, Red Rose Chain

Red Rose Theatre Company brings us not one, but two great show this summer. Following on from the success of The Comedy of Errors, the same cast, with a couple of extra members, turn their hand to Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights.

As a young boy, Heathcliff is adopted by the Earnshaw family where he forms a deep friendship with his new sister Cathy. However, nobody could imagine the change of events that will turn this young boy into an angry young man. Heathcliff sets out looking for revenge, but just how far will he go…
Set in the beautiful location of a woodland clearing at Jimmy’s Farm, Red Rose’s performance of Wuthering Heights is wonderful.

Cathy-and-HeathcliffImaginatively directed by the talented Joanna Carrick, this performance has all of the drama and angst that you would expect from this classic story, plus there’s that Red Rose magic that we have come to expect from this amazing team.

The strong, and extremely hard working cast (remember, they were rehearsing Wuthering Heights, whilst performing The Comedy Of Errors) are just brilliant, with moving portals of the characters within the story, making Brontë’s classic tale come alive.

The interesting choice of set, a graveyard, only adds to the atmosphere of this production, which is a complete contrast to the light and jovial performance of The Comedy of Errors of a few nights ago.

Red Rose Chain always put their all into their productions and this performance of Wuthering Heights certainly didn’t disappoint. We just can’t wait to find out what they add that Red Rose magic to next!

Wuthering Heights will be at Jimmy’s Farm until Sunday 24th August, plus there is still chance to see The Comedy of Errors in the forest with a few dates still available. For more information or to book your tickets visit or call the Box Office on 01473 603388.

Wendy Cook, Ipswich24

Interview with Joanna Carrick