Pirate Radio Exhibitions at Felixstowe

If you turned the radio on over 50 years ago your only listening choice was the BBC Home Service with it’s stuffy presentation or the nightly “under the bedcovers” fading of Radio Luxembourg.

rossAll that changed at Easter 1964 when Radio Caroline dropped anchor off Felixstowe. Caroline were quickly followed by a string of other pirate radio stations offering non-stop musical entertainment. Anything that good can’t last and the Labour government silenced most of the stations in 1967, Caroline limped on for another seven months before it too closed. Over the years since there have been various other pirate radio stations that have dropped anchor off the Suffolk/Essex coastline.

Pirate radio is always held with affection by the public and two exhibitions this September will bring those memories flooding back.
There will an exhibition as part of Heritage Weekend, running Friday 12th – Sunday 14th September you can see the display at Fish Dish, 69-71 Undercliff Rd West (opposite the Pier & Leisure Centre) between 11.30am – 9pm each day (8pm on the Sunday). Radio Caroline Sales will also be there, and it is hoped to have some special guests as well.

In addition Chris Dannatt brings his Flashback 67 exhibition to town, it will be based at Cotman Hall (access via Mrs Simpson’s Tea Rooms), next to the Fludyers Hotel, in Undercliff Rd East, between 10am – 5pm each day.