Review: Sign of the Times

signs_01Frank is Head of Installations at Forshaws, a Commercial Lettering Company. The aspiring writer has been promised a Job for life – well as long as there’s a Forshaws…

Frank (Robert Gill) has been assigned to look after Alan (Thomas Pickles), a reluctant 16 year old work experience lad, who is much more interested in his ipod than putting up signs.

However the pair soon realise that they have much in common and an unlikely relationship grows.

Fast forward five years and the boot is on the other foot, when Frank goes looking for a job at an electrical retailer only to find that his new, albeit trainee, manager is Alan!

Written by Tim Firth, Sign Of Our Time tells the beautiful tale of these two men who encourage each other to follow their dreams.

Frank is uncomfortable with the changing world around him, he is set in his ways and he believes his way are the right way. Looking at life through young eyes Alan brings the comedy to the dialogue in what makes for a very enjoyable piece.

The first act is set high on a ledge of a multi storey building which is the perfect setting for some very funny scenes, and the casting of Gill and Pickles is just perfect – the chemistry between them works really well.

Sign of The Times is a gentle production which leaves the audience with a sense of wellbeing. Wonderfully funny coupled with some very touching moments, Sign Of The Times makes for a very delightful evening at the theatre.

Sign Of The Times is at the New Wolsey Theatre until Saturday 28th February. To book tickets Contact the Box Office on 01473 295900 or visit

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