Review: Oysters

Kiki-Kendrick-as-PearlOysters, beautifully written by the talented Ivan Cutting, tells the story of Mo, a former boat builder at a busy yard in Essex, who is restoring an old oyster smack that has been recovered from the mud of the river bed. 

Helping Mo is Angie, a hard-working apprentice who is willing to learn the old trades.  Everything is ok until young intern Kasey turns up looking for information to write her paper. However Kasey has ulterior motive… She wants to find out why the old boatyard closed and what part Mo played in the events that led to the closure resulting in the loss of so many jobs.

When a piece of Mo’s precious boat goes missing accusations fly and many secrets are revealed.  But will Kasey find the answers she’s looking for? And will this missing piece of wood jeopardize the whole restoration project?

Terence-Frisch-as-MoTerence Frisch plays the part of Mo with ease. His believable portrayal of the boat builder makes the character very loveable which, as the secrets are revealed, makes his story all the more shocking.  Talented Kiki Kendrick plays both Pamela and Pearl, two very different parts that she switches between brilliantly.  Newcomers to the stage Jeannie Dickinson (Angie) and Hephzibah Roe (Kasey) both show real promise and complete this strong cast of four.

As with many Eastern Angles productions Oysters is very thought-provoking, who knew that growing oysters was so labour intensive and spare a thought for the men that lost their jobs as times changed and the old ways of life made way for a younger generation, new ways and new housing on the old dock yards.

Oysters will be performed at the Sir John Mills Theatre in Ipswich until Saturday 25th April. The production will then go on tour, returning to Woodbridge in June. To book tickets contact the Box Office on 01473 211498 or visit



Wendy Cook, Ipswich24


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