Review: The Tempest – Red Rose Chain

With fun, laughter and a little bit of magic, Red Rose Chain returns to Jimmy’s Farm for Theatre in the Forest again this year.

Turning their attention to Shakespeare’s The Tempest, the beautiful woodland clearing is transformed into a remote island full of mystery and supernatural happenings.

King Alonso of Naples, and his entourage, is sailing home to Italy after attending his daughter’s wedding in Tunis, Africa. When all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a violent storm rages and threatens to sink their ship. Terrified that they may die in the Tempest, the party jumps overboard into the sea, however they are all saved when they get washed ashore on a strange and magical island. A magician called Prospero, who, it turns out, deliberately conjured up the storm, inhabits this new and strange land…

_DSF5119Also living on the island is Ariel, a sprite who helps Prospero carry out his plots and plans, but will Prospero’s magic be strong or will King Alonso and his friends escape the island?

As always director Joanna Carrick and her team have worked their magic on Shakespeare’s text creating a fantastic piece of theatre. Bold and exciting the audience is drawn into the action from the beginning, (especially, if sitting in the splash zone…). A strong cast brings the story to life making clever use of the simple, but effective set, creating some stunning performances.

A special mention must go to Edward Day, whose comic timing is just perfect. He brings that extra sparkle to, what is already, a shining production.

Theatre in the Forest has become a permanent fixture for the summer Ipswich arts scene, make sure it’s a date in your diary too!

The Tempest will be at Jimmy’s Farm until Sunday 28th August. To book your tickets visit or telephone the Box Office on 01473 603388.

Review Wendy Cook, Ipswich24
Photos Bill Jackson