Review: James Blunt, Newmarket Nights

James Blunt’s third show at Newmarket, The Afterlove Tour, was tremendous fun, humorous and wildly energetic.

The iconic venue hosts a range of artists and arriving at the Premier Enclosure, felt a little different to other concerts, with Race goers dressing up for the occasion, and that’s exactly what it was, an occasion to be relished. Whether you go for the whole day or stop by to watch a race or two before the concert, beverage of choice in your hand, it’s hard not to get swept up in the rush of the event.

Playing a variety of hits ranging from soft ballads to folk rock songs, from across his impressive career, James Blunt wowed the crowd with his boundless energy and incredible performance, and charismatically encouraged crowd participation. For a self professed ‘small man’, he had a gigantic stage presence and was charmingly funny between each song. Down to earth, and often humorously self depreciatory, his dry, witty anecdotes will make you chortle along similar to the vein of his infamous tweets.

With catchy songs that leave your feet tapping and lips humming, even the songs you don’t know you’ll find yourself knowing by the end of the night and unable to stop singing the fan favourites, ‘You’re Beautiful’ of course finding it’s way onto the set list.

Bluntly put, the talented former army officer turned musician is an absolute delight to watch on stage.

Review: Abi Mayes, Ipswich24 Magazine
Photos: Martin Dunning


• Newmarket Nights and Saturday Live events combine some incredible musical acts along with horse racing at the premier Newmarket Racecourses. There are still six more concerts to come this summer, but tickets are selling fast so visit and don’t miss your opportunity to experience one of the most enjoyable evenings of the year.

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