Review: Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar is a big production… well when the central character is probably the most well known person ever, it has to be BIG!

Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote it as a rock opera and it has wowed audiences worldwide, both on stage and screen, since the 1970s.

Suffolk based group The CTC have taken to the stage of Ipswich’s New Wolsey Theatre for their interpretation of Jesus Christ Superstar this week. The story centres around the last week of Christ’s life and ultimate crucifixion.

The musical always had a modern take on the world’s best known story and The CTC have stuck with the modern setting and brought it even more up to date. If Christ was to walk the earth in 2020 this is how it would look, so expect to see followers posing for selfies with the main man in the background and even some well-known global look-alike leaders cropping up.

A big production with a big cast, the New Wolsey stage is at times packed, add to this the terrific 10-piece band who we don’t normally see in CTC productions, but this time are in clear view at the back of the stage.

This is a totally different departure for the company with no lavish costumes or scenery and therefore the performances have to be good to keep the audience attention…. you will not be disappointed. The CTC have a knack of casting the right people in the right parts and once more director Bridie Horne has succeeded.

There’s good performances all-round, obviously the central character has to be good and Cameron Collins manages the role easily (and in his final scene very powerfully!).

CTC favourites Ben Kearney (where does that voice come from?) and Matt Gilchrist are once more in attendance.

But for this reviewer Beth Shave as Mary is truly amazing.

One final point, many am-dram productions have dance and you feel that they play it safe with simple routines, the choreography in CTC productions always manages to match the acting and singing in standard…. brilliant.

As always The CTC continue to bring top notch performances to a local audience, forget the fact that they are young and amateur as you could easily be watching a professional touring show and we are already looking forward to the Christmas offering of Oliver later in the year.

• Jesus Christ Superstar plays at New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich until 6th July – Box Office 01473 295900 –

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