Review: Teechers

A CTC Theatre Company production is always a joy to watch and their latest offering, Teechers certainly didn’t disappoint.

We all remember our school days and how it felt being in that last year of school, about to leave the comfy confines of lessons and timetables and head out in to the big wide world. Teechers follows the journey of three, year 11 pupils, as they finish their last term and leave school for good.

Inspired by their Drama Teacher, Mr Nixon, Salty, Gail and Hobby perform a play at their last assembly about their school days, their favourite, and not so favourite teachers, their teenage relationships, and just why everybody smells of spring onions!

This fast paced production is brought to life by a very strong cast. Josh Gibbons (Salty), Maia Elsey (Gail) and Grace Scott (Hobby) are perfectly cast, playing not only the main characters, but a number of the teachers and other pupils, at the school as well. These three talented young actors are complimented by a strong supporting ensemble, so much so that it really feels like you’ve just stepped foot in a high school assembly.

The simple set of chairs and large blocks of changing coloured lights works perfectly. And, the simple act of changing a scarf or wearing a pair of glasses cleverly let the audience know which character is which.

Overall Teechers is a very enjoyable evening at the theatre. CTC seem to excel at whatever they turn their hand too, and, I for one, can’t wait to find out what they sprinkle their magic on next!
(In fact it’s Oliver at The Apex between Christmas and New Year)

Review: Wendy Cook, Ipswich24 Magazine

Pictures: Mike Kwasniak