Review: Four and a Half Go Mad…..

Eastern Angles Christmas shows have become a staple diet for those wanting an alternative to fairytale romances, pantomime dames and tinsel.

This year the company turn their attention to something a spiffing group of youngsters who call themselves the Famous Four and Half (it’s only a half away from a story you may remember as a child).

On their hols, Rupert, Nick, Jan, Alex and Dimmy the dog, do battle with a shady figure who has stolen their Aunt’s time machine.
A crazy chase visits a future Thetford by the Sea, some hipster Neolithics at their local derby, and a certain Home Guard rehearsal.

Laughs come thick and fast as you jump onboard with the famous Four (and a half) to take part in this mad-cap adventure.
There are some original musical numbers as is befitting of any Angles production, if you’re quick enough you may get the opportunity to chant “he’s behind you”, before remembering this is an alternative to panto.

It is more grown up entertainment (but perfectly safe for youngsters too). If you grew up reading the books of Enid Blyton you’ll love it, if you liked the humour of The Goons, Goodies or Monty Python you’ll love it.

From one second to the next you don’t know what will happen next but it’s a jolly jape and one that is thoroughly recommended.

• The Famous Four and a Half Go Wild in Thetford Forest, runs at Sir John Mills Theatre, Ipswich until 11th January then at Seckford Theatre, 8th-18th January. Box office 01473 211498.

• Review Mark Keable, Ipswich24 and pictures by Mike Kwasniak.