Review: Our White Skoda Octavia

Our White Skoda Octavia is the latest offering from Eastern Angles and tells the story of a family’s struggle with everyday life.

Money is tight and married father of two teenagers, Amjad is trying his best to make ends meet by working all hours as a taxi cab driver. His wife, Rabia dreams of more, a car of his own would mean Amjad wouldn’t have to rent his vehicle and so could take home more of what he earns, and maybe even another baby…

But the credit crunch of 2007 is around the corner and life is hard for the family, teenage son Faisal is getting bullied at school and as the family struggle to make ends meet rifts are forming at home. 

Fast forward a decade and we find the family living a very different life, but for all, not necessarily a better life.  

Inspired by conversations with taxi drivers and residents of Peterborough and Ipswich, Our White Skoda Octavia is a gritty, no holes bared tale of family life.   Gently told through the eyes of the Afridi family, it gives a real insight into Asian working family life and the everyday struggles faced. 

Tiran Aakel’s portrayal of Amjad is both brilliant and believable, as an audience member, you are willing him to succeed. A fabulous performance from this talented actor.

Freny Nina Pavri (Rabia) has great on stage chemistry with Aakel adding a real spark to the husband and wife dynamic that they are playing.

Ali Arshad (Faisal) and Gurjot Dhalawal (Yasmin) bring the piece to life, from their teenage sibling bickering to the tender brother-sister moments as the characters they are playing age through the decade.

Overall Our White Skoda Octavia is an interesting production of modern social history, a moving piece of theatre, with the story of family life well told.

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Our White Skoda Octavia by Shamser Sinha  – Touring until 6th November
• Review: Wendy Cook, Ipswich24 – Picture: Mike Kwasniak