Tide Mill unveils Sensory Backpacks

Woodbridge Tide Mill is welcoming more and more children and families these days but sometimes, when it is busy, it may be an overwhelming or even stressful experience for individuals with sensory processing disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Heather Sheehan The Tide Mills Education Lead says 

“The backpacks are free to use and are located on the entrance desk. You can ask for one from any of our friendly staff and they will happily lend it to you for the duration of your visit. You can just return it before you leave. 

Each backpack contains

• Two squeezable fidget toys – to calm an overanxious mind
• Ear defenders – if the Mill machinery gets too noisy
• Sunglasses – if the light gets too much
• A torch – for those gloomy Museum corners and to see our machinery in a little more detail
• A ‘feelings indicator’ – if you’re too shy to express yourself
• A magnifying glass – to help find those pesky hidden mice
• A sensory map – to show you where the noisy and quiet areas of the museum are
• The museum trail – to keep you busy on your visit and which you can then take home with you.