Review: The Wombats, Newmarket Nights

The Wombats

The Newmarket race go-ers were treated to a lovely sunset as The Wombats took the stage for the penultimate of the Live shows at the July Racecourse this year.

They kicked the night off with Flip Me Upside Down, following up with This Car Drives All By Itself. The opening songs from latest release Fix Yourself, Not The World, Which topped the UK charts earlier this year.

However the crowd didn’t really start moving until the Liverpudlian trio played Moving to New York, from their 2007 breakthrough album A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation. It would be songs from that album that would get the Newmarket crowd singing their hearts out most often.

Not content with energetically bouncing around the stage, the trio were joined by a red trombone wielding Marsupial for Ready For The High.

Frontman Matthew Murphy told the crowd that he’s a fan of people getting up on shoulders, even though he might get in trouble with the racecourse staff. Pleading with fans to remember “not to sue the racecourse if they stack it”.

Hits Kill The Director and Tokyo would be standouts of the main set with acoustic rendition of Lethal Combination a slower pause giving the crowd a chance to rest their dancing feet.

Greek Tragedy would be the “fake last song” with the crowd clapping along, before the trio would return with an encore starting with Method To The Madness. Then began the teasing of the opening riff to Let’s Dance To Joy Division telling the crowd to get ready, who would soon be singing back and bouncing around in harmony.

The band thanked everyone and played out the night with Turn from 2018’s Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life. Despite not being their usual venue, The Wombats had the crowd eating out of their hands the whole night.

Review and photos: Stephen Keable for Ipswich24