Christmas Panto in Woodbridge

Robin Hood is riding through the Glenn, as he does. He takes on the greedy Sheriff of Nottingham. Will brave Robin foil the evil Sheriff’s dastardly plan to dispose of The Babes, the Sheriff’s innocent niece and nephew, and grab their inheritance for himself? 

Robin is aided and abetted by his Merry Men, Will Scarlet, Alan-a-Dale, Much the Millers son and the pious Friar Tuck. We will also meet Maid Marion, Robins childhood sweetheart and a pair of hopeless comedy thieves, Jack B Nimble and Jack B Quick. There are the Good Spirits of the Wood and the Babes governess, Joan of Bakewell, whose grip on the quarterstaff strikes avid fear into the hearts of men. With many colourful characters singing, dancing and frolicking their way through the green wood of Sherwood Forest.

Come and join in the fun, cheer heroic Robin, boo the bumbling thieves and hiss at the evil Sheriff. Enjoy hearty laughter and merriment at this fun-filled traditional family pantomime written and directed by Andy Kimber (Oh yes it is!)

• Playing at the Seckford Theatre, Woodbridge School from the 23rd December 2022 to the 2nd January 2023. For full dates, performance times and to book tickets go to