Review: Little Red

A departure from their normal mad-cap festive offering Eastern Angles have created something quite special this Christmas. Little Red is an imaginative show and makes for a truly magical treat for the whole family.

The classic tale of Red Riding Hood unfolds with a few twists and turns, not just for Little Red who ‘must stay on the path’ but with talking sheep, a well-informed caterpillar, dancing trees and a friendly banjo-playing Mr Wolfie, who may not actually be as nice as he first appears to be… We take the journey to Grandma’s cottage through the Wild Wood with a special pie to cheer her up.

Eastern Angles have taken the well know tale of Little Red Riding Hood and turned it into something quite wonderful.  The innovated use of the ‘crumb’ flooring, made from tiny recycled bits of rubber to create the paths in the wood is a truly inspired idea, and something I’d certainly not seen before.

The talented cast bring the characters to life in a brilliant way.  There is fun and laughter to be had, a nod to many other fairy tales along the way and, a little audience participation – everything you could need from a show this Christmas.

Hat’s off to Eastern Angles for trying something different this year, we, along with the rest of the audience loved it!

So, don’t be like Little Red and stray from the path, book your tickets and head down to Eastern Angles this Christmas for a ‘howling’ good show.

Little Red is on until 7th January 2023.  To book tickets visit the Box Office at

Review: Wendy Cook, Ipswich24 Magazine

Pictures: Mike Kwasniak