Suffolk engineer marks coronation with 3D bust of King Charles III

A Suffolk engineering firm is celebrating this weekend’s coronation in style by printing a stainless steel bust of King Charles III.

CMG Technologies, based in Rendlesham, has optimised its expertise in innovative engineering to produce a gift for His Majesty.

The firm has sent the stainless steel bust to Buckingham Palace, which they hope will be enjoyed by King Charles and Queen Camilla.

Rachel Garrett, Managing Director of CMG Technologies, said: “This is a great time for celebration, and we wanted to mark it in a way we know best – creating detailed and intricate parts. 

“We are all looking forward to celebrating the coronation, and we hope this gift brings His Majesty as much joy as it did to us creating it.

“On behalf of CMG Technologies, we’d like to congratulate King Charles III and Queen Camilla on their coronation.”

The part was printed using CMG Technologies’ own range of filament, an unprocessed material used in 3D printing. The printed part was then placed in acetone to remove the binding material and then placed in a furnace at 1265°C to leave behind a pure metal part.

Once the bust had cooled it was then polished to achieve a shining finish.

Dr Samuel Wilberforce, Head of 3D Printing at the company, added: “Metal 3D printing is perfect for manufacturing intricate yet strong parts, otherwise difficult or costly to make. 

“This bust of King Charles III is a great example of the versatility of this manufacturing method, which we continue to optimise and improve.”

CMG Technologies is an internationally renowned specialist in metal injection moulding, a metal-working process used to create parts for various industries, which has since become a key name in metal 3D printing. 

The Suffolk-based company won the Innovation Award at Suffolk Business Awards 2020 for its work creating parts for ventilators during the pandemic and is also an advocate for four-day working weeks. 

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