Review: Joseph

Originally written by Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Tim Rice as a 20 minute school’s piece, this 1968 musical was gradually extended until becoming the musical that we know today. 

I’ve seen Joseph more times than I care to remember. In fact faced with watching it again I initially thought, here we go again, another playing of this 20 minute production, egged out for the best part of two hours.

But wait, if like me you’ve seen it before, if you think there’s nothing that will get you to sit through it once more, then I implore you to think again. For this production playing at Ipswich’s Corn Exchange is being performed by The CTC who are easily the BEST local musical theatre company I’ve had the pleasure to have seen. 

Director Bridie Horne has taken what was for me an aging musical and breathed new life into it. In fact I personally feel that The CTC (who are a young people’s company) have improved on it so much so that even it’s creators would be impressed. 

The performances and singing are, as always, top notch. But equally so was the choreography with some great full ensemble numbers, not easy with over fifty performers on stage, plus some great and inventive pieces such as a tango for three!

Each number has been crafted and turned into an individual production in its own right!

Tyreese Ross takes the title role of Joseph admirably. Special mention must go however to the narrators, Evie Capon and Maisie Fulcher, absolutely fabulous vocal performances with some great solo and duet pieces, they hold the whole story together. 

Stand out scene of the night has to be the song Joseph’s Coat with choreography that includes all on stage ‘signing’ the words…. Pure genius. 

And it is that kind of genius, The CTC genius, that makes this show one that you must go and see.  

There are two performances Saturday and two on Sunday.  Book now at 

Review: Mark Keable, Ipswich24 Magazine

Photos: Mike Kwasniak