Review” Come From Away

There are some earth-shattering events in history that are etched on our minds forever. The ones where you hear the expression “You will never forget where you were when you heard….” (That Kennedy was killed, man walked on the moon, Elvis died,  Lennon was shot and of course the 9/11 attack with planes crashing into the World Trade Centre.

In the aftermath the world’s aviation industry came to an immediate halt with aircraft diverted to airports for fear that they too would be used as weapons to attack and destroy.

Much has been written and documented both in words and pictures about the stories surrounding the World Trade Centre, but little has been told of the diverted planes and their passengers.

The musical Come From Away has landed at Ipswich’s Regent Theatre this week as part of it’s UK and Ireland Tour.

It tells the story of the passengers on planes that suddenly ended up in different and often remote locations. Remember this was the time when mobile phones were rare, the internet was still only in it’s infancy and these passengers were at first disgruntled in the unexplained delay in their journey.

Come from Away explores the stories behind the passengers of planes that were diverted to Gander in Newfoundland and the way they discover the true horror of the events of 9/11. 7,000 passengers are welcomed by the small Newfoundland community. 

A highly talented cast take on numerous roles of the passengers and the Newfoundlanders and tell their group and individual stories. The social acceptance of these people and the fears and worries are told in song accompanied by a superb group of musician.

Come From Away will warm your heart with the compassion, bring back vivid memories of that horrific day that changed history and show that out of tragedy we can learn more about one another.

The individual stories told are all based on fact, even today many of the passengers and townspeople keep in touch and hold reunions, all thrown together by such tragedy.

You will laugh, you will cry but most of all you will come away knowing about a previously little told story of people who have formed lasting bonds out of the true horror of 9/11.

Come From Away is at the Ipswich Regent until Saturday 6th July and then continues on it’s UK-wide tour – see