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Slimming: Secret to weight loss – home-cooking

A recent survey found that only one in four meals is home-cooked yet a local slimming expert from Ipswich says it’s easy to create healthy and delicious dinners in your own kitchen and far more effective if you want to get in shape! Liz Torrie, who runs a Slimming World group in Pinewood Community Hall

Christmas Dieting Advice

With Christmas just around the corner, the party season is getting into full swing and a slimmer from Ipswich is ready to celebrate in style after losing four stone and ten pounds in weight. Pauline has dropped five dress sizes, since joining the Sllimming World Group at Pinewood Community Hall in Ipswich, and she’s looking

Slimmer’s Call for Tax on Junk Food

A poll of around 1,000 slimmers reveals that the majority would support a junk food tax – if the money raised was used to subsidise the cost of healthy foods, like fruit and vegetables, to make them more affordable.

Adding Weight to end Calorie Counting

A top Ipswich slimming expert has welcomed a new report into the serious health risks of obsessive calorie counting which she says “Highlights the dangers of modern faddy diets”. Liz Torrie, Slimming World Consultant for the Pinewood and Silent Street groups, which helps people to lose weight through healthy eating, group support and increased activity,

Diet: Size Matters to Men

As new research shows one in four men are insecure about their weight and two thirds of them want to lose weight, two Ipswich men are bucking the trend and feeling better than ever after losing over twelve stone between them. Data from Slimming World’s annual National Slimming Survey, conducted by YouGov, reveals that 26

Diet: Look good like Kate (and Pippa)

This article originally appeared in the April issue of Ipswich24 magazine, just before the Royal Wedding and the media frenzy on the attributes of Pippa Middleton’s rear. Members of local slimming expert, Liz Torrie’s Pinewood Community Hall class in Chantry and Labour Club class in Silent Street, Ipswich can’t wait to see their dreams turn

Diet: Taking temptation out of holidays

A weight loss expert in Ipswich is warning that holidays can be one of the riskiest times for family weight gain. Her advice comes after an online survey of nearly 1,000 slimmers revealed that nearly a quarter of them find holidays the most challenging time to lose weight and one fifth (22%) report gaining more

Diet: Exciting Slimming Meals

Slimmer’s planning a special meal needn’t give up their champagne and chocolate. Follow this delicious advice from local Slimming World weight loss expert Liz Torrie and your slimming campaign will stay on track. Liz, who runs Slimming World classes in Ipswich, says, “The calendar is full of dates that can distract slimmers from their weight

Stopping Smoking and Weight Increase

Giving up Smoking…. but worried about Weight Increase? While many people have given up since Brits were banned from lighting up in public places nearly three years ago, there are still 11 million smokers in the UK. According to government figures, almost three-quarters of them would like to stop smoking, but often one of the

Diet: Losing Weight is Easy

Losing weight is as easy as 1.2.3 – 1 little book = 2 stone lighter in 3 months! Every January millions of people resolve to lose weight in the New Year, but most have given up by the end of the month. Now a new book from Slimming World promises to keep weight loss plans

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