Review: Elkie Brooks, Felixstowe Spa

By her own admission Elkie Brooks has been in the business “a long time”. But whereas some singers’ voices begin to show signs of wear and tear as they progress through their career, Elkie’s like a certain Lilac Wine has got better.

Once known as a wild woman of rock, Elkie can sing the blues, jazz and rock with the best of them, and in fact I’d go as far to say that she is in fact the best of them. She’s certainly one of the finest female singers that Britain has to offer.

These days Elkie may not have chart success, but she is still recording. Her latest album is titled “Powerless”, maybe it should have been called Powerful as at times you wonder how on earth such a powerful voice come from such a tiny lady.

All the hits were there, “Pearl’s A Singer” of course, “Fool if You Think It’s Over”, “Lilac Wine”, “Nights in White Satin” and more as well as tracks from the aforementioned new album Powerless, the title track of which is a Don Black composition and a song worthy of chart success in it’s own right.

A fantastic accappella version of “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and then a foot stomping version of Prince’s Purple Rain.

Elkie Brooks in concert is a night with a fantastic band of musicians and an outstanding singer, no frills, no fancy special effects needed. When you have a voice as good as Elkie’s who needs special effects.

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