Review: Crash of the Elysium

Ever wondered what it would be like if you could step inside your televison and be part of an episode of Dr Who? Now, with the help of Punchdrunk you can!

The Crash of The Elysium is a real life DR Who adventure, unlike anything you have ever experienced before, where the audience form a vital part in solving the clues and saving the world. Punchdrunk are experts at ‘immersive’ theatre and from the outset take participants on a journey unlike any other, where danger could be around any corner.

Just like the TV show, the plot follow many twists and turns and the Doctor is always on hand – via various screens and video clips – to offer his help.

The Crash of The Elysium has been written by Tom MacRae based on an original idea by Steven Moffat, so you would expect it to be good and it is… The promenade performance takes you from one world to the next, spanning time zones in true Dr Who style, with fantastic sets, lighting and sound it’s hard to believe that you are actually standing on a car park in Ipswich!

The Crash of The Elysium is a fast paced, exciting piece of drama, with everything you would expect from Dr Who and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

From a holding area at the start of the performance, you are split into groups and then you enter a museum, where the Curator Willard, tells you all about the Elysium – A large wooden ship, Then an alarm sounds and…. Well, if you want to find out what happens next you will have to go and see it – no spoilers here!

The Crash of The Elysium is on until the 8th July at the Crown Car Park in Ipswich. To book tickets contact the New Wolsey Box Office on 01473 295900 – Will you complete your mission?


All pictures Mike Kwasniak.