Review: Eastern Angles – Margaret Catchpole

Margaret Catchpole is the true tale of the life of a Suffolk girl, told by Eastern Angles in the fabulous setting of The Hush House on Bentwaters Airfield.

Margaret is a feisty young girl living on farmland not far from Ipswich, she meets and falls in love with Will Laud, a sailor who is heavily involved with smuggling off the Suffolk coast. This production tells the story of Margaret’s life and the people in it, a tale of divided loyalty and deception, featuring many familiar names from every selection of Suffolk’s 18th century society.

The Hush House is the perfect setting for this production and the minimal set works perfectly, one moment a country house or a Suffolk farm and next moment the beach at Felixstowe, the talented cast make it easy for the viewer to create the scenes and get carried along with the action.

Rosalind Steele puts in a powerful and, at times, very moving performance as Margaret Catchpole, with both the men in her life, John Barry (Liam Bewley) and Will Laud (Francis Woolf) providing an equally good performance.
Becky Pennick is perfectly cast as Elizabeth Cobbold and her relationship with Margaret works beautifully. A special mention also goes to Peter Sowerbutts, whose portrayal of Dr Stebbings was just wonderful.

Eastern Angles are very good at putting on brilliant, thought provoking productions and Margaret Catchpole is no exception. Gripping from start to finish, this is a must see summer performance.

Margaret Catchpole is on at The Hush House, Bentwaters until Sunday 8th July, to book tickets call the Box Office on 01473 211498 or online at

Wendy Cook – Ipswich24 Magazine