Review: Jack & the Beanstalk – Colchester

When it comes to traditional family pantomimes Jack and the Beanstalk has to be one of the favourites. At the Mercury Theatre Colchester they have taken this well-known story and added their own special sprinkle of magic as the fabulous cast sing and dance to bring the tale to life.

The future for Puzzle Town doesn’t look bright; a large dark cloud has descended over the houses, shutting out the sun, stopping the crops from growing and seriously affecting sales at Dame Shakira Trott’s Ice cream business. Dame Trott in unable to pay the rent, Daisy her well loved cow is unable to produce milk to make her ice cream, so the only thing that she can do is send her son Jack off to market to sell poor Daisy. However on the way Jack meets a mysterious woman who offers to buy Daisy in exchange for some magic beans!

If it’s traditional family fun that you are after then this production of Jack and the Bean Stalk ticks all the boxes. Some great musical numbers coupled with fantastic comedy moments makes this performance a must see. Audience members both young and old were thoroughly immersed in the story unfolding on stage.

All of the cast are brilliant, but a special mention must go to Dale Superville as Simple Simon who really is the star of this show and who had the audience members roaring with laughter with his antics on stage. Also a mention must go to the younger members of the ensemble, who were just brilliant, there are sure to be a few future stars amongst them.
Every Jack and the Beanstalk tale has a giant, and the giant in this performance didn’t disappoint. Fantastically created and brought to life by the talented Lyndi Smith, this ogre was certainly scary.

Baddies to boo and his at, a hero to cheer on, a dame to laugh along with, a dancing cow, plenty of audience participation and roller skates, this production has is all. If you want a traditional family show, then what better way to introduce your youngsters to theatre than Jack and The Bean Stalk at the Mercury Theatre.

Jack and the Beanstalk will be at the Mercury Theatre Colchester until Saturday 12th January. To book tickets contact the Box Office on 01206 573948.

— Wendy Cook, Ipswich24 —