Review: Street dance show worth seeing

Fresh from choreographing dancers for the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, Boy Blue Entertainment (BBE) return to the DanceHouse on Ipswich’s Waterfront for a special Yuletide treat – “Legacy The Return”.

Led by Kenrick ‘H20’ Sandy and Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante, BBE are an Olivier Award-winning hip hop dance theatre company from London, which continues to develop and inspire hip hop dancers from grass roots to seasoned professionals.

UK street dance has enjoyed lots of media exposure recently, most notably on programmes such as Britain’s Got Talent with Diversity and George Sampson going on to movie stardom in the film “Streetdance 3D”.

Boy Blue Entertainment are not so well-known as the BGT acts but don’t let that put you off, their performance is just as breathtaking.

The DanceHouse industrial-feel interior is a perfect setting for street dance and every square inch of the dance area is used in this show, which runs for approx two hours.

Boy Blue Entertainment are not just boys, they are made up of five boys and five girls, all individually talented. A group dance starts the performance before members go on to perform either individually or in smaller groups, before all coming back together for the end of the first half.

Personally I found the second half far more exciting and also impressive. A costume change made use of reflective strips on clothing and what felt like a retro 80s Space Invaders inspired dance.

Five members broke away to peform an equally simple but very, very impressive and memorable dance with the use of torches.

The finale sees the full troop back together again before a couple of encores.

DanceEast is very often forgotten by the public when looking for a night of performance, this shouldn’t be the case, it is a fantastic venue, with the added attraction of ample parking nearby.

Judging by the of the applause and the screams from the 20 or so young female students behind me I would say that everyone would agree that Boy Blue Entertainment was a show that was well-worth watching.

The energy displayed throughout the performance didn’t wane once. The Legacy is definitely worth your attendance.

• Wednesday 12th – Sunday 23rd December, matinee and evening shows
Matinee and evening shows until 23 December
Jerwood Dance House, Box Office: 01473 295230