Review: Some Like It Hotter

The Watermill Theatre’s musical comedy Some Like It Hotter is written by Richard Hurford (Pilot Theatre Company/Sheffield Theatres) and imagines a heavenly meeting between three Hollywood legends: Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis where recently deceased fans of the film that united the three stars in the first place ‘Some Like it Hot’, have the opportunity to meet their heroes before they properly pass through to the ‘other side’.

hotterThe show opens with Jack Lemmon (Daniel Lloyd) and Tony Cutis (Paul Matania) re-enacting scenes from their classic movie talking about who’s next on the list for the Some Like it Hotter Memorial Experience when in wanders Charlie (Patrick Bridgeman) looking a bit lost as to where he is and how he came to be there. Although confused by the arrival of their unexpected guest they direct Charlie toward the Piano and encourage him to play – from the moment he touches the keys he takes on a whole new persona as Red Hot Charlie and becomes part of the movie that has impacted on his life since he was a boy of nine.

As the show unfolds we are taken on a journey of scenes from the original movie it comes across as though Red Hot Charlie and Marilyn (Sarah Applewood) may have a past and often refer to their memories as “just like the old days”.

An immensely talented cast of four actor musician’s delighted the audience with superb impersonations of these Hollywood stars and performed all of the musical numbers effortlessly, highlights being ‘Chicago’, ‘Clap hands here comes Charley’ and ‘I wanna be loved by you’.

Sarah Applewood portrays her character of Marilyn perfectly; the breathy voice, her distinctive little shimmies and the unmistakable giggle were all present throughout her performance.

The show ended with Charlie at the Palms Resort was given a second chance at life having had a message to say that it ‘wasn’t his time’ and the show ended with him in Miami.

Although a little slow at the beginning and at times difficult to follow story wise the show was a wonderful piece of fantasy entertainment which the audience seemed to enjoy judging by the chatter in the interval and the enthusiastic applause at the end.

Review – Jools Howes

Some Like It Hotter is at The New Wolsey, Ipswich, 21 May-25 May, 2013
Box Office: 01473 295900