Review: Palm Wine and Stout

Palm-Wine-&-Stout---Ricci-McLeod-&-Itoya-OsagiedePalm Wine & Stout tells the moving story of Taiye; born of a white mother and African father as he travels to Africa to meet his father and to learn more about his African heritage.

With his half brother Femi as their guide, Taiye and his mother Jane, experience all that this vast country has to offer, from a long hot road trip on a crowded bus to an encounter with Taiye’s spiritual ancestors their journey does not always run smoothly. However, discovering a completely different way of life, Taiye finally feels that he belongs, that he has come ‘home’. But having arrived back in England, some startling news reaches him, meaning that Taiye and his mother have to return to Africa, under a very different set of circumstances…

Writer Segun Lee-French has drawn on his own life experiences to produce a fabulous play. The characters are all very believable, with just the right amount of emotion. Played by Ricci McLeod, Taiye’s frustrations, at being in a strange place but not being able to explore the area by himself, and the cultural differences between the two countries comes across well.

The simple set, with an African cloth background, and clever use of suitcases easily transports the audience from a hot stuffy airport, to bus travel, to a remote African village, and, the sound of tribal rhythms are very well introduced throughout the production.

Palm Wine & Stout is a lovely story told in a brilliant way, and is thoroughly enjoyable to watch.

Palm Wine & Stout is an Eastern Angles Production and will be touring various venues throughout Suffolk until 24th May. For more information, venues and to book tickets visit or telephone the Box Office on 01473 211498.

– Wendy Cook, Ipswich24 –
Photos by Mike Kwasniak