Review: The Gondoliers

Brightly coloured and packed full of fun, the New Wolsey Theatre in the venue for this latest performance of Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Gondoliers.

The tale, tells the story of two gondoliers and three wives… But who is married to royalty?

Set in Venice two gondoliers marry, however unbeknown to the newly weds, one of them is already married, promised to the Duke of Plaza Toro daughter, Casidla when they were both infants. And one of the two men is actually the infant Prince of Barataria, who was taken as a child…

The Duke of Plaza Toro and his wife, the duchess, have fallen on hard times, so they set out to seek the true husband promised to their daughter all those years ago, however the tale of true love does not run smooth as Casidla has fallen for her fathers servant Luiz, and is horrified to discover that she too is already married!

This production is fast paced and packed with humour, with some very clever staging, particulary the use of staging to form a ship at the end of the first act, and some fantastic costumes, the duchess’ huge dress was truly amazing! A strong cast who bring the story alive, are completed by an ensemble of young talented musical theatre performers who are specially assembled from the Ipswich area.

The Gondoliers is a thoroughly enjoyable evening at the theatre, and is certainly recommended.

Wendy Cook, Ipswich24