Review: Ragnarok – Eastern Angles

Idun-&-GiantThe Hush House at Bentwaters is the perfect venue for Eastern Angles latest production Ragnarok, the old military building only adds to the atmosphere of this story of Norse gods and giants.

Ragnarok tells the story of the end of the world. The many Norse gods are at war with the giants, and following a series of bad dreams that his son Baldr has, his father Odin travels the lands for knowledge, seeing a premonition of Baldr’s death at the well of fate Odin sends his wife Frigga out to command all things to do Baldr no harm. Frigga manages to talk to all things living, except the mistletoe…

What happens next is a spectacular story full of action, and not one for the faint hearted. The simple, but very clever moveable set, combined with atmospheric lighting and imaginative music makes the story come alive. With special effects galore and some brilliant puppetry Ragnarok is certainly worth the journey to the ex American airbase.

Oliver-Hoare-&-volcanoWith stunning acting, be transported to the time before the world as we know it began, to a time where mythical creatures roamed the land, and where the gods ruled all things.

This fabulous production contains everything you would expect from an Eastern Angles piece and more – just brilliant!

Ragnarok is at the Hush House, Bentwaters until Sunday 28th September. To book tickets visit or call the Box Office on 01473 211498.

_ Wendy Cook, Ipswich24 Magazine _
Pictures by Mike Kwasniak