Review: An Evening With David Tristram

The Two Rivers Theatre Company proudly presents An Evening With David Tristram with 3 One Act Plays at the Sir John Mills Theatre.

IMG_1365smallThis fun packed show sees the company tackle, not one, but three productions all written by David Tristram.

First to take to the stage is The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca The Goldfish. This two-man play tells the story of married couple Henry and Alice. Their humdrum life has become quite boring so the pair have taken to day dreaming about what life could be like. However, will the lines between fantasy and reality become blurred? Only Orca the Gold fish really knows what’s going on.

David Mitchell and Val Eldridge play this married couple with ease. The fantasy scenes are very cleverly done and the whole piece works beautifully.

Next, Last Panto in Little Grimley tells the tale of a small (only four members) village am dram group. With limited cast numbers and even limited talent most productions are beyond them, so Gordon, their chairman, writes his own panto to play to the strengths of the cast but, will all be aright come opening night?

A strong cast brought this piece to life, coupled with some very funny costumes Last Panto in Little Grimley is funny from the start. A pantomime horse, a cat and a script where T and S are transposed makes for a very comical piece.
What’s for Pudding concluded the evening. Jack and Mary’s life is in a rut, they never go out and spend their evenings having dinner in front of the TV. Their friends Ted and Maureen make an unexpected visit and the evening turns into chaos.

With home truths and accusations a full-scale war ensues. Add to this the appearance of elderly neighbour Dennis who requires a new pair of trousers what follows is quite a spectacle.

What’s for Pudding is a believable insight into 70s suburban life. The beautifully written script is brought to life by some great acting and lovely comic timing.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening out with much fun and laughter along the way, this Two Rivers Theatre Company production of 3 One act Plays certainly kept the audience entertained.

The only criticism is that the full cast did not come on at the end for their final bow…

An Evening with David Tristram with 3 One Act Plays is at the Sir John Mills Theatre, Gatacre Road, Ipswich until Saturday 4th October. To book tickets contact the Box Office on 01473 211498. Or book online»

Wendy Cook – Ipswich24 Magazine