Review: Alice – Young Wolsey Company

The New Wolsey Youth Theatre’s productions are always something special. The theatre company is made up of some very talented and extremely hard working young actors and actresses who put their all into a performance and never disappoint. This is again true of their latest production, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Most of us grew up with the tales of Alice by Lewis Carroll, it’s a familiar story of late rabbits, grinning cats, mad tea parties and madcap adventures. And, this performance captured the essence of Carroll’s work beautifully.

The set and costumes looked like they had come straight off the pages of the book and the young cast delivered their lines with ease.

A very strong performance by all involved that it would be wrong to single anyone out. And the imaginative staging made you feel like the pages of the book were coming to life.

Overall a brilliant evening of entertainment from a very talented cast, that captured the magic and wonder of Carroll most famous books.

– Wendy Cook, Ipswich24 Magazine –