Review: Silver Lining

Take five elderly ladies put them in the Silver Retirement Home, subject them to a storm and see what happens.
What actually happens when the play is penned by Sandi Toksvig is just over two hours of cleverly crafted, witty, sometimes surprising, sometimes poignant and occasionally shocking drama.

The great thing about getting old is you can say what you like, you can be outrageous and people forgive you because you’re old. These ladies are certainly outrageous and the language and content can at times be a little shocking, so you have been warned.

Gloria (Sheila Reid) is a lady who refuses to listen to her body and insists that she is still young, she wears young clothes and has an i-phone. Sisters May and June (Maggie McCarthy and Joanna Monro) are typical siblings who constantly fight each other. June disapproves of her sister May’s lifestyle or does she perhaps resent her for it.

Maureen (Rachel Davies) is a dreamer, a one-time wannabee actress, who just didn’t quite make it but still dreams.
Finally there’s the mysterious St Michael (Amanda Walker) sadly a lady who is suffering from dementia while still clinging on to her past and still with a slightly naughty streak.

Supporting these ladies are two young actors making their debuts to the professional stage, Hope Daley played by Keziah Joseph, sent in to ensure the ladies are rescued from the impending storm that threatens to destroy their home but actually in need of being rescued herself. The other newcomer is Theo Toksvig-Stewart as Jed (actually writer Sandi Toksvig’s son).

The cast are all excellent, you’d expect nothing else from these older actresses who you will know from countless performances both on stage and the small and large screen.

Each of the characters has their own tale to tell, often with hilarious results. The women are put together due to their circumstances, probably in everyday life they have nothing in common but now together they are about to embark on the biggest adventure of their lives.

One to watch, if you can get a ticket as this is already selling well.

Review: Mark Keable, Ipswich24
Runs from Tuesday 14th-Saturday 18th March, 2017 at New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich and then continues to tour nationally.
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