Review: Madagascar The Musical

Marty the Zebra believes there is more to life than his home at a New York City Zoo, and after hearing the penguins talk about breaking out and heading back to their ancestral home, Antarctica, he decides he too is going to escape. His destination… The Wild!

Realising his friend is missing from his cage, best friend, lion Alex, hippo Gloria and giraffe Melman set off to find Marty and return him back to the safety of the Zoo.

They soon catch up with the plucky Zebra in the metro, but things are soon about to take a turn for the worst when police and zookeepers set out to capture the escapees.

Will Marty ever reach the wild? And, should a Lion and a Zebra really be friends? Madagascar The Musical bursts onto the Ipswich Regent stage with colourful costumes, fabulous set design and toe tapping musical numbers, including memorable ‘I Like To Move it, Move it’.

A theatre production aimed for the younger audience member, the children in the auditorium were thoroughly enjoying the show as Marty and friends got shipwrecked on the beach of a strange new land that is the island of Madagascar!

Madagascar The Musical is at the Ipswich Regent Theatre until 20th October. To book tickets contact the Box Office on 01473 433100.

Review: Wendy Cook, Ipswich24 Magazine