Review: Robin Hood & Babes in the Wood

Let’s face it Half-Term in February can be a terrible time to keep youngsters entertained (what with rain and cold weather) so the Company of Four pantos have long been a happy diversion.

This year’s offering is Robin Hood & the Babes in the Wood, a lesser performed story which is always refreshing from the usual collection of Snow Whites and Cinderella’s but equally a fun show.

The story mixes two British folklore tales, that of Robin Hood who is said to have been saviour of the poor and also the Babes In the Wood. No fairygodmother to narrate the tale and keep us on track here but instead the role is taken by Olivia Owl who sits in her tree at the side of the stage and updates us from time to time. Olivia is voiced by Co4 regular Vicky Fosker.

Robin (Charlotte Lamb) and his merry band of men are busy tormenting the evil Sheriff (plenty of opportunities to BOO and Hiss).

Along the way Robin meets and falls in love with Maid Marian, though the evil Sheriff has his sights set on her too.

The Babes (two of the company’s younger members Evie Wheatley and Dulcie-Rose List) end up being looked after by Marian’s Nursemaid (Paul Leech – once more taking on the role of dame) but will the evil Sheriff capture them and steal their fortune?.

There’s all the slapstick humour we’ve come to expect, lots of songs and laughs along the way. It’s great family fun and if the weather takes a turn for the worse again this week, or you hear the words “I’m bored” then this is bound to entertain your youngsters for a while. Well done Co4!!!

Robin Hood and Babes in the Wood is at The Riverside Theatre, Woodbridge until 22nd February, Box Office 01394 382174.

Review: Mark Keable, Ipswich24 Magazine
Picture: Charmain Berry