Ipswich Past and Present

The Ipswich Society is proud to be holding a photographic display on Ipswich Cornhill from the 11th to the 22nd March showing a selection of the images from their PAST AND PRESENT Album from their ever growing image archive.
Photographic displays are becoming a regular feature on Cornhill. The Ipswich Society will be showing 30 pairs of Past and Present views of Ipswich from the late 1800’s through to more recent images from the 1950’s 60’s and 70’s, with recent comparisons and a brief description of each of the views by John Norman, writer of the ‘Ipswich Icons’ series in the EADT.
The Ipswich Society has a vast collection of Ipswich views which continually grows as people donate their photographs. Around 10,000 images can already be seen on The Ipswich Society flickr website. More images are being added all the time. The Ipswich Society welcomes photographic donations from the public.
They hope to have more photographic displays in the future.