Time Team hope to discover more at Sutton Hoo

The discovery of an Anglo-Saxon ship burial at Sutton Hoo in 1939, not only stunned the archaeology world but set the scene for further exploration. Later archaeological digs solved further mysteries and now, with the help of Time Team, new archaeology investigations will use the latest advancements in technology.

Seven years after the last episode of Channel 4’s Time Team aired, the archaeological series is set to return with new archaeology investigations that will be streamed online via YouTube, after interest soared during lockdown and with ongoing support on Patreon.

Working alongside National Trust archaeologists, a series of investigations have been planned to build up a more complete picture of the historic site. Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) has been used on the Royal Burial Ground, including some areas for the first time. Magnetometry surveys have also taken place on a scale that’s not been possible before, with high resolution, in an area adjacent to the High Hall exhibition. It was during construction of this building in the early 2000s that an Anglo-Saxon folk cemetery was discovered

Photogrammetry, which is the science of extracting 3D information from photographs, is another process that Time Team will be using, supported by Aerial Cam, to help bring the landscape to life in the form of an interactive and immersive 3D digital model.

Historic England has supported and enabled this exciting new research project and welcomes the use of non-invasive methods to learn more of Sutton Hoo’s significant history.

The results of the latest investigations will be shared by Time Team and the National Trust in the spring.

Sutton Hoo has seen an increase in visitors this year, since the airing of the Netflix film The Dig, which has sparked a renewed interest in both the site and archaeology. 

• The High Hall exhibition, Tranmer House, Shop, Café and Bookshop are now open at weekends, with the estate walks and viewing tower open daily.