Review: The Red Lion

I’m not a football fan so I won’t enjoy a play about football, Wrong….. I loved Red Lion currently playing at The New Wolsey in Ipswich.

It tells the story of a young up and coming footballer, Jordan (Olatunji Ayofe) and his manager Kidd (Alastair Natkiel). Each of the men have their own problems, Kidd is trying to keep things together while financially and personally things are beginning to crack. Jordan meanwhile nurses an ambition to hit the big time but has a secret that could stop him from getting there.

Signed for a small town club Jordan is befriended by Yates, the bootman (Crispin Letts), a former player who took the Club to greatness but somehow has ended up in a lowly position.

The piece is brilliantly performed, there’s great interplay between all three characters. 

The entire play is set in the grubby changing rooms and there’s probably quite a few very similar up and down the country.

Talking of the changing room, mention must be made of the set which is brilliant with lots of little touches – real running water in the tap, and watch for the window during a storm!

Well worth just over 90 minutes of your time (it’s a straight through with no interval).

The Red Lion, New Wolsey Ipswich until 23rd September, 2023.

Review, Mark Keable – Ipswich24 Magazine