Review: Blood Brothers

Even if you’ve never seen it, most people have heard of the hit West End musical Blood Brothers.

Willy Russell originally wrote Blood Brothers as a school play in Liverpool, but the production developed and, moved to London where it became the third longest running musical in West End history, playing more than 10,000 performances.  

Now this hit musical is touring and has arrived in Suffolk at the Ipswich Regent Theatre.

A tale of two twins separated at birth, Blood Brothers tells the story of Mickey and Eddie as they grow up on very different sides of the city.  Mickey, who stayed with his birth mother in the slums of Liverpool has a very different life to his brother Eddie who was given away to a wealthy couple.   As much as their parents try to keep the pair apart, the twins’ paths cross over the years and they become friends – Blood Brothers, never knowing that they are in fact related.   However, the different paths their lives have taken, soon leads to a rift between the pair resulting it fateful consequences.

This ‘must see’ musical has you gripped from the start, as some brilliant acting and amazing vocals bring the powerful story to life.  

Sarah Jane Buckley does an amazing job as Mrs Johnstone.  A really strong performance with much grit and emotion.   Sean Jones is a very talented actor, and is just as magical to watch as seven-year-old Mickey as he is as Mickey as a grown man.  This part suits him so well. As does his on-stage chemistry with Connor Bannister as his twin Eddie, another talented performer.

If fact there is not a weak performance from this amazingly talented cast as they take the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the production. 

A special mention must go to Danny Whitehead as the Narrator who was totally on point.  The glue that holds the whole musical together, this part demands the correct sentiment and Whitehead nails it!

Blood Brothers is one of those musicals that lulls you in as you watch the young Mickey and Eddie turn from innocent children, to unruly teenagers and then to grown men, with a dramatic conclusion that will leave you speechless…

With over 10,000 performances Blood Brothers is popular for a reason, if you haven’t seen it now’s your chance, and if you have, you need no excuse to see it again, it’s just fabulous!

Blood Brothers is on at the Ipswich Regent Theatre until Saturday 23rd September.  To book tickets visit the Box Office at

Review: Wendy Cook, Ipswich24 Magazine