Council leader’s disappointment with P.M.

The Leader of East Suffolk Council has expressed her disappointment with the Prime Minister’s decision to postpone several key environmental commitments.

Cllr Caroline Topping said: “By rowing back on these key climate policies, the PM has dented the confidence of businesses, antagonised members of his own party, and drifted further apart from the majority of voters who back action on climate change. The Climate Clock is ticking down – and we cannot arbitrarily move the hands for the sake of convenience. We have set ourselves legal emissions targets that require urgent action.

“Not only will these decisions prolong dependence on fossil fuels and extend reliance on imported gas, they may well end up costing people more in energy bills. All this, just a few weeks before he shares the UN Climate Change Conference stagewith representatives of nations under imminent threat from the impact of climate change. 

“In May, East Suffolk voted for change and elected a new administration to run the Council with a progressive agenda which focuses on our local environment and the planet’s continued sustainability. We wish to assure our communities that we are unwavering in pushing ahead to hit our targets. 

“The Prime Minister should recognise the critical importance of stepping up the fight against climate change and not reneging on commitments at the first opportunity.”