Review: Ghost Stories by Candlelight

It was a dark and windy night as we walked up the path of the church graveyard to the old church that houses The Two Sisters Art Centre in Trimley near Felixstowe.

This is just one of many unique locations that are playing host to Ghost Stories by Candlelight a production currently touring East Anglia as part of the High Tide Festival.

Each night the company of three women perform at a different and unique location, sometimes a church, a village hall, a pub, even a mechanical workshop but all very intimate and individual.

As the lights go down (and the wind howls around the outside of this ancient church) a haunting song starts, sung by folk singer Loren O’Dair, a tune that will link all three stories throughout the 70 minute performance.

The set is minimal, just candles and some angle poise lights, but the set is unimportant as it is the story-telling and our imaginations that provide all the visuals that we require.

Katie Cherry and Elizabeth Crarer complete the cast and between them the three women treat us to three individual stories ideal for the location and time of year.

The stories are all set in East Anglia, the first in a Lowestoft beach hut which harbours a disturbing tale; the second a tale of a mother and daughter is set at Pin Mill on the banks of the Orwell and has a shocking twist; finally it’s the nightlife of Romford centre and the fears at night of a young woman.

Three perfectly written tales for lovers of a slightly scary night of theatre, set in unusual locations, beautifully held together by that haunting and original music.

Touring the East of England until 25th November, 2023 – Full details High Tide Website

Review: Mark Keable, Ipswich24 Magazine