Review: Dracula: The Bloody Truth

Is Bram Stoker’s Dracula a work of fiction or is it in fact… Fact?

Award winning theatre company Le Navet Bete takes us on a journey across Europe to find the truth, with their critically acclaimed show Dracula: The Bloody Truth.

We join Professor Abraham Van Helsing as he exposes the real story behind the world-famous novel.  Did Bram Stoker really steal the tale from the professor and his friends, who claim that the story is true… And it really did happen… to them!

With the help of his three actors, Professor Abraham Van Helsing leads the lecture, the Professor hates theatre. The aim is to warn the audience about the real-life dangers of vampires!

Dracula: The Bloody Truth is in fact the most hilarious of comedies, that is laugh out loud funny from the off.   The talented small cast of just four play a vast array of over 40 characters with the most perfect of comic timing.  

Cleverly written, you can expect the unexpected with this brilliant piece of theatre. A mixture of hilarious slapstick, brilliant comedic timing and, a clever use of a simple set – although the professor will tell you it’s not a set, but in fact items of his own furniture, he hates theatre remember.

The attention to detail in this piece is just wonderful, you hear the ripples of laughter work their way across the audience as they notice something quite amusing happening in the background. And, then there’s the side splitting laugh out loud funny moments too.

Will Professor Abraham Van Helsing be able to finish his lecture and give his warning about the perils of the underworld? Or, will his friends ruin his story, mess up their lines and create mischief?  Only one way to find out…

If you’re looking for a fun evening at the theatre then Dracula: The Bloody Truth is for you.  

And we can’t wait until the Le Navet Bete return to the Wolsey in the spring with their next offering.

Dracula: The Bloody Truth is at the New Wolsey Theatre until Saturday 4th November.  To book tickets visit or telephone the Box Office on 01473 295900.

Review: Wendy Cook, Ipswich24 Magazine