Review: Snow White, Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

Panto season is here! And, one of the first local theatres to start their festive show is the beautiful historic Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds.

This wonderful theatre is the perfect place to host a pantomime and this year’s production of Snow White certainly doesn’t disappoint. 

On the death of her father, Snow White is set to inherit his title and become Queen, but there is just one thing stopping her… Queen Lucretia, her wicked stepmother who has claimed the title for herself.  However, when Lucretia hears from her magic mirror that Snow White is the fairest in Buryland and that she is the rightful heir to the throne, the evil Stepmother hatches a plan to despatch poor Snow White for good.  

All seems hopeless, that is until Snow White makes some surprising new friends deep in the woods at Bradfield. Friends that will do anything for her and who will protect her at all costs.

This production of Snow White is magically brought to life by an excellent cast, with strong performances throughout.  Beth Tuckey makes for the perfect villain along with her side kick Grumble (Peter Baker), whose comic timing and dry wit is just hilarious.

Lara Lewis is the perfect Snow White and played the part with the innocence that this character brings. She also has the most amazing voice and belted out the musical numbers with ease.   

Panto wouldn’t be Panto without a Dame and this production has not one but two!  

The fabulous Dame Judy Dench DBE makes her pantomime début as the voice of the mirror.  

And, Craig Painting brings the amazing Dusty Crevice to life on stage in the most fabulous of ways.  Brilliantly funny the children in the audience loved him, and of course there were the hilarious one liners that may have gone over their heads but the older members of the audience loved them!

A special mention must go to Philippa Carson as Gladys.  This character literally holds the story together and this talented actress played the part with ease.

This production of Snow White has several young cast members, who all played their parts with much maturity.  Definitely a few stars of the future there…

The performance was a joy to watch.  The musical numbers of familiar songs with new arrangements and lyrics were brilliant and, the set and costumes with their subtle nod to the 1940s and Queen Elizabeth II’s war years was a very special addition.  

Snow White is at the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds until Sunday 14th January.  To book tickets visit 

This production is definitely worth the trip up the A14!

Review: WENDY COOK, Ipswich24 Magazine

Picture: Tom Soper