All systems go at Suffolk Owl Sanctuary

As Easter approaches, the staff and birds at the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary have been training hard for the start of the annual flying season.

Throughout the winter months the resident birds have been enjoying a more relaxed pace of life; moulting out damaged feathers and generally taking a well-earned rest. Just like humans, all the birds need some recuperation after a busy summer and during the winter months they are able to hunker down in their cosy nest boxes and put on a few extra pounds to insulate them from the winter weather!

In Spring, the falconers gradually re-introduce the birds to a more structured routine and build fitness and condition with regular exercise sessions. Over the course of several weeks they will bring the flying team back to full preparedness for the spring and summer timetable. As in previous years, flying demonstrations will take place twice daily, at 11.30am and 2.30pm.

The cheeky meerkat mob are also ready to welcome the charity’s supporters and will be fed twice a day, with an entertaining commentary, at 11am and 2pm.

One-on-one meerkat meetings can be booked in advance with the admin. team on 0345 680 7897. Please note that these close encounters are not suitable for children under 8 years of age or pregnant ladies.

Two of the more unusual new sanctuary residents must be porcupines Anna and Elsa, recently arrived from another conservation centre. The pair will be well settled into their new home by the beginning of March and it is hoped that part of the busy daily schedule can be devoted to showcasing these fascinating animals. Please refer to the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary website for further updates in this regard.

The centre remains fully accessible for all, with level tarmac paths around the site, wheelchair friendly picnic tables and a custom built inclusive play area with double width slide, wheelchair roundabout and multi-person swing. Parking for disabled visitors is located at the front door with spacious toilets a few steps away.

The pretty landscaped site also includes an interesting woodland walk containing bug hotels, butterfly feeders, ladybird houses and a wildlife pond. Those looking for a relaxing corner can enjoy the peace, quiet and shade of the sensory garden featuring herb borders.

For further details please phone:  0345 680 7897 or visit
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